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                           Current Projects and Needs




At the Meeting House:





o   storage shelves in new room (hired contractor)

o   hallway ceiling lowered and light installed (David Nagle)

o   dusk to dawn security light security light installed over outside entry door to new addition (David Nagle)

o   new room and hallway carpeted in memory of Ida Penn (Carole Revard)

o   partially obscured west window in furnace room closed in (David Nagle)

o   south entry door replaced with insulated steel door that opens out (David Nagle)

o   worship room and kitchen painted (hired contractor - kitchen portion donated by Larraine Wilcox)

o   wiring in west wing replaced & brought up to code, outlets, three new light fixtures, and switches added (hired contractor)




·      South entry door made to open easily and trimmed out inside (David Nagle

·      Paper towel dispensers installed in restrooms (David Nagle)

·      New main entry doors installed, new entry way floor eliminating obstacle to wheelchairs, caskets, and people!
(hired contractor, doors donated by Homer Holding, Carole Revard, and Faren Anderson)

·      Lowered ceiling and closeted in furnaces in room west of kitchen (Justin McBride and David Nagle)

·      Filled in where rotted west window used to be in room west of kitchen (David Nagle)


COMPLETED IN 2009                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

·       New carpet installed in worship room and Sunday school rooms (contractor)

·       Room with furnaces: ceiling lowered (David & Justin), ceiling & walls painted (workday), carpet installed (contractor),
re-wired & light hung (David)

·       Two leaks in roof need repaired and partial ridge cap on bell tower replaced (contractor)


·      Rear of south wall in worship room needs re-plastering to repair water damage

·      partition opening between the worship room and fellowship hall has been sagging for years rendering
the partition doors inoperable, despite trimming off the bottoms periodically,
possibly posts and an I-beam need to be installed, if so, a MAJOR project

·      Ceiling of fellowship hall needs painting


At the Parsonage:


  • second window A/C unit purchased (gift of Mary Wilson)
  • new porch deck built (Dennis Rockwell & son Reuben, Ohio Y.M.)
  • front of garage braced up (Dennis Rockwell & David Nagle)
  • screen door (vinyl) hung on porch (David Nagle)
  • porch screened in (David Nagle)
  • replaced computer, monitor and printer
  • replaced broken photocopier
  • purchased high-quality scanner for digitizing historic photos
  • concrete garage floor poured (2006 Ohio Valley Y.M. workgroup and Christian Holding)
  • replaced rotted siding on bathroom exterior wall (2006 workgroup)
  • materials for composite picket privacy fence acquired (2008)
  • north and south garage walls studded out and new siding put up, rafters over extension, etc. (2008-2009, David Nagle and Justin McBride)
  • east garage wall completed and flying rafters and facia boards nailed up to prepare for new roof (2009, David & Justin)
  • garage painted (2009, Derek Lamson)
  • removed old garage roof and put on new roof (contractor)


  • replace ceiling tiles in study and bathroom (materials on hand)
  • install exhaust fan/light combo in bathroom (materials on hand)
  • install french drain to prevent further damage to parsonage
  • cut down huge privet hedge along alley for prepare for fence
  • fence in yard (with privacy fencing) to protect from pit bull next door & to
    provide safe play space for children (materials on hand)


           QUIVERING ARROW CAMP (Council House Friends facilities)

·      Donated new mattresses (June 2006)

·      Donated 2 water heaters (June 2009) 


            If interested in volunteering to help with any of these projects, please contact David Nagle.

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